For several years, starting in July, 1920 and and until the 1960's Popular Science
Magazine ran stories each month about Gus Wilson's 'The Model Garage'

I enjoyed these stories so much when I was a kid that I never forgot them.
Hope you enjoy them also.

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Dec- Where the New Motor Cars Excell

April-Gus Gives Pointers on Car Buying
May- Should Law Scrap Old Cars?

Jul- How is Your Driving Eye

Dec- Gus Gets Ready for Winter

Apr- Gus Has an Easy Day

Oct- The Brass Clue

Mar- One for the Book
Nov- Gus Fixes Up a Retread

Feb- Gus Slows a Speeder
Sep- Gus Comes Home to Trouble


Jan- Gus Turns Prophet Without Profit
Feb- Gus and the DeePee
Aug- Gus Gets Broken In

Nov- Gus Wins a Bet

May- Gus and the Bewitched Brakes

Apr- Gus Teams up with the Doctor
Aug- Gus Answers a Night Call
Feb- Gus Parlays a Parir of Hunches
Jan- Gus Tames a Runaway Engine
Jul- Gus is Saved by a Straw
Oct- Gus and the Missing Straddle Truck

Aug- Gus Trails a Hot Cargo
Feb- Gus Helps Tie a Knot
Jan- Gus and the Car that Wouldn't
Jul- Gus Goes Fishing and Gets Hooked
Jun- Gus Warms up a Road Racer
Mar- Gus Gets a High Pressure
Oct- Gus Gets the Pitch
Sep- Gus Pulls a Trick Play

Aug- Gus Peps up a Tired Truck
Dec- Gus Rides with Santa Claus
Jul- Gus Calls a Close One
Jun- Gus Puts the Heat on an MG
Mar- Gus Answers an Ambulance Call
Nov- Gus Goes Hunting

Apr- Gus Defies the Elements
Aug- Gus Rides Out a Storm
Dec- Gus Backs Into Christmas
Jun- Gus Lends Luck a Hand
Nov- Gus Goes Dowsing for Water
Sep- Gus Closes a Sticky Case

Dec- Gus Plays a Double Role
Feb- Gus Encounters a Stubborn Miss
Jan- Gus Pursues Little Green Men
Jun- Gus Sparks a Uranium Hunt
Mar- Gus Pulls a Switch
Nov- Gus Obeys Orders

Aug- Gus Seizes at a Straw
Oct- Gus Saves the Livestock

Jun- Gus Blows Away A Traffic Jam
May- Gus Meets a Master Mechanic
Nov- Gus Mends Some Fences

Nov- Gus Pulls a Switch

Apr- Gus Wins an Easy Wager
Aug- Gus Teaches the Professor a Lesson
Feb- Gus Loses a Customer
Nov- Gus Tackles a Noisy Problem
Oct- Gus Puts the Squeeze on a Penny Pincher

Aug- Gus Gets a Tip from TV
Dec- Gus Picks up a Package of Trouble
Nov- Gus Warms Up a Cold Customer
Oct- Gus Settles a Family Feud
Sep- Gus Helps a Homesick Car

Apr- Gus Referees a Big Deal
Feb- Gus Solves a Couple of Current Problems
Mar- Gus Gets Taken for a Ride

Aug- Gus Gets the Show on the Road
Jul- Gus Puts a Stop to a Swap
Nov- Gus Rescues a Mechanic
Sep- Gus Cracks a Case for the Cops

Jan- Gus Meets the Friday
Feb- Gus Saves a Friend from a Snow Job
Mar- Gus Gives the Teacher a Passing Grade
Apr- Gus Settles a Case Out of Court
May- Gus Teaches an Old Car New Tricks
Jun- Gus Makes the Best Bargain
Jul- Gus Tracks Down a Cold Clue
Aug- Gus Goes for double or Nothing
Oct- Gus and the Engine that Wouldn't

Mar-Gus Puts an Offbeat Combo Back in Tune
May- Gus and The Car That Stopped On Signal
Jul- Gus and the CAse of the Now
Sep- Gus Throws Cold Water on a Problem
Oct- Gus Gives a Couple of Poker Player a Hand
Nov- Gus Puts the Pressure on a Tightwad

Jan- Gus Gives the Teacher a Lesson
Feb- The Case of the Car that Chirped
Mar- Gus has a Trick up his Sleave
Apr- Gus Cools Off a Double Boiler
May- Gus Goes for a Little Spin
Jun- Gus Makes a Bet
Jul- Gus Has an Argument
Aug- Gus Gives an Old Car a Lift
Sep_ Gus Discovers a Secret Ingredient
Oct- Case of the Councilman
Dec- Gus Cures a Case of the Shakes

Jan- Gus Heals a Headache
Feb- Gus Seals a Used Car Bargain
Mar- Gus Takes the Worry out of a Warranty
May- Chalk one up for the Model Garage
Jun- Gus gets Stan out of a Scrape

"Hints From The Model Garage"
Cleaning Glass
Easy Parallel Parking
Tap a Hole at the Correct Angle
Thaw Frozen Lock
Frozen Lock Number Two




  Many of the Stories have been donated by Mike Hammerberg.
  Mr. Hammerberg started reading "Gus stories" in the 1950's. Mike taught highschool automotive mechanics and used the stories in his classroom.

  Even though he no longer teaches, he collects the Popular Science magazines that contain the Gus Stories.  Many thanks to Mr. Hammerberg for taking the time to  contribute.




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'Gus Obeys Orders'
Donated by Hugh Davy